Due to the ever changing climate of the COVID-9 pandemic, SCNS will NOT be having it’s annual Open House and onsite Registration day.
Instead we will be opening online registrations as follows:
  • ALL current and alumni SCNS families will be able to register for the 2020-2021 term until May 22nd , 2020 at 5pm.
  • If you are a current or alumni family, please  connect with our registrar  to get your child registered ASAP.
  • On May 18th, the online registration form will be uploaded for all other families looking for programing.
  • On May 23rd,  public registration opens. (Please note: if you send your form in before May 23rd, it will not be registered)

The collection of registration fees and monthly program fees will be described to you, by the Registrar, when your
child’s enrollment has been confirmed over the next month.

In  the mean time, please have a look through the 2020-2021 SCNS Parent Handbook (Notice to Returning families … there have been some minor changes  – please review it!)

** Please note: **

At the time of Public Registration, the SCNS 3 year old MORNING programs (3A/3B/3AB) are in a WAIT LIST ONLY state. We will take names for morning program waiting lists but SCNS offers a very successful afternoon program so please consider registering your child in the afternoon on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from 1-3:30pm.  Read about the benefits of our afternoon program below!

SCNS 2020-2021 Fillable PDF Registration package is available here.
Get a free Adobe Reader Link: https://get.adobe.com/reader/   

** Please fill out the form, save it with your child’s name as the document title and email it to registrar@scns.ca when Registration opens on Friday, May 23rd.

** Registration Forms submitted PRIOR to May 23rd, 2020 will NOT be accepted/considered.**

 SCNS runs a very successful afternoon program for children who turn 3 years old by this December. 
The program runs from September through June on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday between 1pm-3:30pm each day!

Did you know that there are real benefits to enrolling your child in an afternoon preschool program:

·       Mornings are relaxing.

·       You can shop all afternoon without wasting time waiting for some stores to open at 10am.

·       Drop in programs (gymnastics, dance, playgroups, etc.) are usually offered in the
morning, so you can expose your child to more activities/ interests.

·       By the time your child gets home, the afternoon flies by and bedtimes are often earlier.

·       You can pick up your preschooler and get home before your older children need to be picked up from
the bus. 

·       If your child has dropped their afternoon nap and you need to get over the “now what do
we do?” in the afternoon … SCNS has you covered! 


Let your child experience afternoons at SCNS!



As a reminder ….

Report Your Child’s Vaccination

It is the responsibility of parents to register their children’s immunizations with Ottawa Public Health.CLICK HERE for information from Ottawa Public Health on how you can update your child’s immunization record.

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