SCNS Remains open during the Stay-at-Home Order

Schools will remain open (for the time being) so SCNS will also be open for program. **Just a reminder that we are heading into a, much deserved, week long Spring Break (April 12th – 16th).**
During the break, please stay home as much as possible, gather with only the members in your home and continue to monitor you family’s health. You don’t need to sign into the SCNS Daily screening but can use the OPS screening tool at: to help you navigate any of you family’s health concerns. With the new Variants of Concern (VOC) it is even more important to be diligent with self monitoring. 
Please keep an eye on your email from SCNS over the break so we can keep you updated on the Nursery School situation. Our hope it to continue to stay open for program as long as we can. IF the numbers don’t co-operate, and the schools move to virtual learning after the break, rest assured that we have secured our two trusty supply teachers, for at least the first week back, if necessary. The SCNS Executive will continue to evaluate the pandemic situation and the nursery school while we all take this time to rest and rejuvenate. We will communicate with you quickly if things change!
In the mean time, stay positive, stay safe, stay home and have fun!